• Laura Lisitsky

    *Physical Education Teacher K-4

    Wales Primary (mornings) and Elma Primary (afternoons)

    716-652-3000   Wales Primary x4025   Elma Primary x2095


    *Challenge Ropes Course Manager 

    *Alumni Class of '88

  • Dear Wales and Elma Primary Families,

    It's a crazy year which means physical activity is more important than ever for everyone.  If you can exercise and play as a family it will help lower the level of stress in your home and increase your odds of staying healthy.  We always challenge our students to play 60 minutes a day!


    Hybrid Learners (A/B Cohorts):

    On the days you are home take breaks from the computer and be active.  You can choose to go outside and play, or try one of the many options I have listed on my website, click on FUN Workouts for Home.  When I see your child in class we start by sharing what they did to be active.  

    • Masks must be worn at all times.  Mask breaks will be given throughout the class and as needed.
    • Sneakers with ties or velcro are required to participate in physical education class.
    • No jewelry is to be worn during physical education class.  All watches, rings, bracelets and necklaces are to be left in the classroom.  If your child has pierced ears, post earrings are acceptable.  Earrings that dangle below the ear are not permissible due to the fact that they could get caught and tear the ear lobe.
    • If your child wears glasses, please contact the school nurse, Mrs. Brooks or Mrs. Ginter.
    • If your child needs to be excused from physical education class, please write a note to the physical education teacher/school nurse stating the reason.  If your child is to be excused from participation for more than one week, a doctor’s note is required.  It must state the reason, length of time and date when they can resume activities.
    • All students participate in physical education class in their school clothes.  It is recommended students wear comfortable clothing on physical education days.  We encourage students to dress for the weather (layer if needed) because we will be utilizing the outdoors as much as possible this school year.  If your child must wear a dress, please have her wear shorts or pants underneath her outfit.
    • Your child’s physical education grade will be based on fitness, skill progression, listening and following directions, respect, responsibility and cooperation with the teacher(s) and other students in class.  


    100% Virtual K-1 Learners :

    On my website, click on FUN Workouts for Home section and refer to the "Monthly Calendar"  and choose a minimum of 3 activities each week.  Calendars need to be submitted to me on the last day of the month. This should be done the same way you hand in other assignments to your virtual teacher.  I have included other opportunities for students to enjoy themselves or as a family.  Doesn't matter what they choose to keep active, just keep moving and smiling!  


    As always, we thank you for your support especially during this challenging time while continuing educational growth. 

    Enjoy being active as a family and stay healthy!


    Mrs. Lisitsky