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Where to Go for Help

School Counselors (divided by students last name)
Mrs. Sheri Courteau (A-G)

Phone: Ext. 7873



Mrs. Rachel Ford   (H-O)

Phone: Ext. 7871


Mrs. Jennifer John (P-Z)

Phone: Ext. 7870


Services: Educational Planning, Counseling, College or Military Planning, Career and Post High School Planning, and administration of College Entrance Exams.

School Social Worker

Mrs. Tana Yount

Phone: ext. 7015



Services: Counseling on a variety of issues including personal, social, emotional, and academic needs. Crisis intervention and prevention and serves as a liaison to families and other outside agencies. Serves as coordinator of the Neighborhood Helping Hands Fund, Kids Escaping Drugs, and Student  Success Team.


School Psychologist

Mr. Dave Uhl

Phone: ext. 7550



Services: Counseling on a variety of issues including personal, social, emotional and academic needs. Conducts academic testing for students in need of intervention. Chairperson of the Committee for Special Education at the High School and Middle School.


School Nurse

Mrs. Alison Genders

Phone: ext. 7600



Services: First Aid and emergency care, vision and hearing testing, coordinator of physical examinations.