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Studying 101

Here are some tips on how to study the best and maximize your time.  Read the fab five below to get on the path to success!


1. Be efficient - When studying the key is to use homework and study time as efficiently as possible. The more focused you can be the less likely you are to become overwhelmed by everything that you need to remember to work on. If you can get copies of previous exams, graded homework and quizzes that you have already taken. Look at the topics you struggled with and focus on those. This will help you learn from your mistakes so you can improve on future tests. Also take homework seriously because it is often the best preparation for tests.


2. Time Management - Set up a schedule for getting ready for the test and don’t cram all night. The best way to have a test full of careless errors is to have no sleep the night before. Aim for a sustained level of intensity rather than hibernation and intense study the day before.


3. Review Packets - If your teacher hands out a review packet, know it back word and forward, but don’t be surprised if something on the test goes a bit beyond the packet. One approach is to find problems in your book similar to the problems in the review packet, and make sure that you can solve those problems as well.


4. Reduce Test Taking Anxiety - If a student gets good grades on homework, but does poorly on tests it may be anxiety related. Test-taking anxiety is very real. Students may feel comfortable with the material, but struggle through the test, Sometimes there is a self-fulfilling prophecy that the students know they are going to struggle. A student can feel prepared before the exam as soon as they start it can be all over. The big step is to separate your ability from test anxiety. Separate yourself from the content, take the emphasis off of tests. Tests are a part of school but they don't need to be the ultimate goal. The goal is to learn the subject.


5. Practice, Practice, Practice - The old adage is true, practice makes perfect. Seek out additional practice within the text or ask the teacher if there are extra worksheets or practice materials. Sometimes it really is just a matter of repetition, and the more times you solve a problem the better off you’ll be at remembering it when its on the test.


Remember at the high school level it is no longer about just memorization, but you must also learn to apply the concepts!



*Article from College Outlook