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FAQ's for Parents

The transition from the middle school to the high school can be a bit of an adjustment for students and their families, here are the answers to some frequently asked questions from Freshman parents.


1. How does my student get involved in clubs?


The clubs at Iroquois are open to anyone that wants to join. The students that are interested simply have to go to a meeting when they are announced, or see the club advisor for information on meeting times. A list of school clubs and advisors is posted on the Iroquois website, simply go to high school and click on activities.


2. I would like my student to enroll in the Ormsby Career and Technical program, how does he or she sign up? 


At the beginning of the students Sophomore year counselors will go into classrooms to discuss the Ormsby program. At that time if the students are interested in looking at a program, they will sign up to hear a presentation from Ormsby teachers here at school. After the presentation, we will mail home permission slips for students to attend a field trip to look at the programs. After these three steps if they have indicated they are interested, they will be invited to sign up for the program.


3. What should I do if my student is having difficulty in class?


If you get a interim report or report card that indicates that your student is struggling, please don’t hesitate to contact the teacher to find out information about what lead to the poor grade. It can be a variety of reasons including difficulty with test taking, poor homework preparation, or difficulty with class participation. It is always helpful to use this information when sitting down with your student to address their grades and set up clear expectations. If you still have concerns, of course contact your school counselor. 


4. How do I get information about my students homework assignments?


As a parent it is often difficult to stay on top of homework assignments that your student may need to complete. Many teachers do post their assignments on their teacher websites. Also check if your student is up to date on assignments by checking in with the parent portal. In addition to this, you may want to check your students planner, they should be writing in it daily, and should have their assignments listed. If homework completion is an issue, please contact your counselor. At the high school level, it is important to set clear guidelines for students, and also set them up to be successful independently as well. 


5. How do I get homework assignments if my student is out sick?


If your student has an extended absence, meaning 3 or more days, please contact Mrs. Brewster (7876) in Student Support Services first thing in the morning, and she will request work, and parents can pick up the work afterschool, until 3:15 pm.


6. Is there an academic requirement in order to participate in sports?


Yes, students cannot be failing two or more subjects, at the interim report and report card periods. If they are, they will be given 5 days get their grade up. If the grade is still below a 65 they will not be able to participate in their sport until they have improved their grade to passing. Please contact the athletic director with questions.

7. How can I help my student resist peer pressure?

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