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Service Academies

Are you a student interested in Service Academy?  Take a look at our Service Acacemy Information Nights flyer.


Have you already been thinking about your post– high school plans?  Have you thought about applying to the United States Military Academy, the United States Naval Academy, the United States Coast Guard Academy, the United States Merchant Marine academy, or the United States Air Force? These prestigious institutions are very difficult to get into, so you may want to get a jump on getting started with you plans.


Here are some helpful tips:


1. Start Early - The fall of you senior year is not the time to start thinking about applying to an academy. The requirements for entrance are more involved, and there is lots of additional paperwork that is necessary. It is best to start learning about the academy application process in your freshman year of high school.


2. Do well academically - The service academies get approximately ten applications for each position they have open. Applications come from across the nation, and these students are often from the top 10 to 20 percent of their class. You will be competing with the best students in the country so doing well in your high school classes is very important.


3. Take the SAT and ACT More than Once - Applicants to the academies perform well on scholastic tests. The average SAT score for students accepted into the academies is 1300 for Math and Verbal sections. Taking the test as a Sophomore and then again during the junior year is a good idea.


4. Be Physically Fit - As physical training is a daily part of military training, the academies are looking for candidates who can complete the rigors of their physical fitness program. Participate in high school sports, get a varsity letter in a sport, or multiple letters if possible.


5. Become Well Rounded - The academies want candidates with character. Graduates of the academies will become officers in the military, they will be responsible for the lives of the men and women under their command. They need strong leadership skills, so become involved in your school and community. A few examples of this would be to work in your schools student government and become an officer, join the band, yearbook committee or another school club, whenever possible try to hold a leadership position, joining scouting or youth groups, and do volunteer work.


6. Contact Admission Officers Early - Each academy has officers who assist candidates with the application process. Getting to know your local admission officer early will be helpful.


7. Make Preliminary Applications Online - Each academy has a website with lots of great information about the academy and the application process. There is a place to make a preliminary application which can be done as early as your Freshman year.

8. Practice Honor and Integrity - All of the academies have an honor code as they are developing future leaders for our military services. Character does count, incidents of cheating, school discipline, or minor run-ins with the law will affect your application.

9. Attend Candidate Orientations - These events give you a chance to learn about student life at the academies. They are  your best source of information for determining if academy life will be right for you.

10. Visit the Senators and your Congressman’s Website for Nomination Information - In addition to an application, potential candidates need a nomination from their State Senator or Congressman. The website of each representative has information about how to apply for a nomination from their office. It is good to know what is required for the nomination application as each senator or congressman has a limited number of nominations that they can make each year.

11. Visit the Academy - Visiting several academies can be hard, but if possible try to visit that academy that you would be most likely to attend.

12. Consider attending a Summer Seminars Offered at the Academies - These week-long summer seminars are only available for rising seniors. During the seminar, you live in the dorm for a week and get to directly experience life as a cadet. Getting a spot in the seminar is also competitive. Applications for summer programs are made on-line in December for your Junior Year.

13. Have Backup Plans - Most people who apply will not receive an appointment to an academy, so it is important to have other plans for college. Many fine officers are commissioned through college ROTC programs.

14. Make Sure it is Right for You - You need to apply to the academy because it is something that you really want to do. The four years are tough and stressful, it takes real heart and commitment, but it is very rewarding for those that are successful!