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Minors (under the age of 18) requiring working papers (working certificate) for employment can click this link: Application for Working Papers

The application (two pages), titled "Application for Working Certificate Form AT-17 and Physical Fitness Certification Form AT-16" are also located in the upper right-hand corner of this webpage.  Print these forms and fill out Parts I and II on the first page of the AT-17 form and top of the AT-16 form (name, address, date of birth). Applications are also available in the Student Support Services office, and, during school break, are also located in the main foyer of the high school. Verification of a student's recent physical will be confirmed by our school's health office during the school year. However, during summer or school breaks, you must provide a copy of your physical or have your physician fill out the section titled "Instructions to Physician" on the AT-16 form.

Once these sections are filled out, please email or call Mrs. Maria Olsen @ or call 652-3000 x 7876 to set an appointment to drop off the application (if school is in session, and student attends Iroquois High School, the student can drop this off themselves at any point during the school day, preferably in the morning so the application can be completed by afternoon dismissal). Please note that while anyone can drop off a completed application, the student must come in to the office to sign the card in the presence of a NYS issuing officer here in the Student Support Services office. Kindly note that the original copy of the application will be kept on file.

IMPORTANT: During school breaks, or if your student attends a private school or is homeschooled, an appointment should be made prior to dropping off any applications or picking up completed working certificates. Call 716-652-3000 x 7876 to schedule.

Homeschooled or private school students that live in the district must also provide proof of birth such as a passport, birth certificate or valid driver's license along with the AT-17 Application for Employment Certificate, AT-16 Physical Fitness Certification and proof of a recent physical or the section titled "Instructions to Physician" filled out by doctor's office or their school health office. 

*It should be noted that a student is required by NYSED to have a physical completed within one year of applying for a working paper certificate or one cannot be issued.

Please allow 1-2 working days to process. During school break or summer break, please allow up to 3 days to process.

The employer will keep this card on file during your employment.  If you leave your job, you should ask the employer to return your card. If it is not returned, please contact the Student Support Services office at 716-652-3000 x 7876 or email Mrs. Olsen at to request a duplicate copy.