"" Any student requiring working papers (working certificate) for employment can go the Student Support Services web page, located under "Our School" on the High School web site.  This will take you to the Student Support Services home page, where you will look for "I Would Like to Apply" and click the link for Working Papers.  

The application, titled "Application for Working Certificate AT-17 and Physical Fitness Certification Form" will be located at the upper right hand corner of the page.  Print this form (two sheets) and fill out Parts I and II on the first page of the AT-17 form and Part I of the second page. Once these parts are completed, email - along with, preferably, a copy of the student's most recent physical to Mrs. Maria Olsen at molsen@iroquoiscsd.org.

Homeschooled or private school students that live in the district should also email proof of birth such as a passport or birth certificate along with the AT-17 application and proof of recent physical.

*It should be noted that a student is required by NYSED to have a physical completed within one year of applying for a working paper certificate or one cannot be issued.

Upon review and verification of information, Mrs. Olsen will process the application and will mail the completed certificate to the student's address.  Please allow 3-5 working days to process. 

If you plan on picking up your certificate in person on your non-cohort day, or if you are a remote student, please be aware that an appointment must be made prior and can be done by contacting the Student Support Services office at 652-3000 x 7876 or emailing Mrs. Olsen at molsen@iroquoiscsd.org. 

These measures are put into place per Covid-19 mandates. Kindly keep in mind that  no student will be allowed to pick up the certificate in the office while coronavirus safety measures are in place.