Enduring Issue Essay Help!



First – Read all five documents and then look at the list of Enduring Issues and pick the one that you think connects all of the documents together.  Remember, the word “enduring” means that something has been going on for a long time and is still going on today.  Once you’ve chosen which Enduring Issue on the list will work, you have to decide which 3 of the 5 documents you are going to use in your essay.  You must use three of the five.  Use each one as evidence to help you prove that the Enduring Issue you’ve chosen has been going on for a long time.

INTRO paragraph – Define what an enduring issue is (something that has been going on for a long time and is still going on today) and then define the one you’ve chosen from the list.  Finally, list the three examples (from the three documents) that you are using to prove that the issue you’ve chosen has been going on for a long time.

Body paragraph 1 – The first example from one of the documents

Body paragraph 2 – the second example from another document

Body paragraph 3 – the third example from a third document.

Conclusion paragraph – Restate the enduring issue that you’ve chosen.  Add an example that is not from the documents (outside information) that helps prove that it is still going on today. 


Here is a sample essay.

Sometimes it's easier to see a good example!


An enduring issue is a problem that has been occurring for an extended amount of time. As humans, we are very social and connected in many ways, and we have been since the beginning. Interconnectedness is considered an enduring issue because although many good things have come of it, there are worse consequences with being connected. Diseases is a main threat to us when we are so closely linked together.

              In 1333-1351, the incidents of the Black Plague were arising in Europe and Asia. This disease traveling around was very dangerous for people and resulted in many deaths. The reason this disease spread was because of the connection of people and countries together. Some of these larger links were trade routes. Maps have shown larger plague outbreaks near the towns and cities closest to popular trade routes, because there was an increased amount of people there. The Black Death also happened to travel from Europe to Asia in a short amount of time from traders traveling through these trade routes. They might not have known they had the disease until it was passed to other people. This is reason to believe that the interconnection of humans and countries is an issue at times and it still goes on today.

              The Colombian Exchange is another example of interconnectedness. When Christopher Columbus discovered the New World, he brought new plants and animals back to the Old World and took with him Animals and plants back to the New World. With this integration of new life and ideas, both the Eastern and Western hemispheres became connected like never before. However, diseases were also introduced to this new land, and struck the Native Americans hard. The interconnectedness caused disease to spread through this new land like wildfire. Without any immunity, hundreds died from sicknesses brought by Columbus. This was now a shared link between two parts of the world, and it continues that way.

              Lastly, other worldwide pandemics are an effect of interconnectedness, because of back and forth travel to other countries. These links help pass diseases around, such as Hong Kong Flu of 1968. Previously, there was another outbreak of the flu before it mutated, and that outcome was worse because of the lack of immunity. The 1968 outbreak was due to the fact that there are links between countries and people, so the disease traveled very quickly to other parts of the world till it became a worldwide pandemic, again. This disease was highly contagious and spread quickly through the masses. It swept through Southeast Asia, and into the Panama region, where it entered into the United States. Other countries which have also been affected have suffered the consequences.

              The interconnectedness of the world is an enduring issue since the beginning. Although it has led to many important accomplishments, there are consequences to being so connected, such as those pandemics. Such as what’s going on in the present, the new pandemic sweeping the Earth is COVID-19. Originating from China, it has spread onward into the United States and has put everybody in lockdown. From cruises and flights, that is how COVID-19 has stretched across the world. Countries are so knit together, and travel is so abundant, that disease is easily transported and spread to other people. From the Black plague to current Coronavirus, interconnectedness has led to worldwide pandemics all around the world.