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I am Mr. Forgione(aka Mr. Joe/Coach Joe). I was lucky enough to join the Iroquois Central School District in Nov/Dec of 2022 as the district behavior specialist. Prior to joining Iroquois, I worked as a behavior specialist with Erie-2 BOCES for three years and the Summit Center in various roles for roughly nine years. During my previous work experiences, I had the opportunity to consult and work with many of the staff and students at Iroquois. Through those experiences, I learned what a great community we have which lead to my family moving into the district and eventually my role in the district full time. 

Professionally, I am a certified special education teacher and board certified behavior analyst. I completed both my undergraduate and graduate programs in special education at Canisus University and my coursework in Applied Behavior Analysis was completed through Florida Institute of Technology. I sat for, and passed the Behavior Analysis Certification Board exam in 2017, becoming a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. In my role, I work across all five buildings in our district; providing consultative support to our teachers and paraprofessionals, targeting our students' social-emotional and behavioral functioning, establishing strong tier 1 universal supports and developing more individualized tier 2 and tier 3 behavior interventions. In some cases, I do work directly with students, skill builiding and problem-solving various social-emotional and behavioral competencies. Lastly, through Committee on Special Education (CSE) determination, I do provide IEP mandated consultation as well as conduct Functional Behavioral Assessments (FBAs) and Behavior Intervention Plans (BIPs).